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automobile systems click to hear : automobile systems

Each system is a set of interdependent parts fulfilling a specific function and capable of functioning on its own.
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automobile systems: main parts fan belt cooling fan radiator spark plug cable alternator battery distributor cap gearshift lever gearbox clutch brake pedal brake booster hand brake braking circuit disc brake steering column steering wheel air filter cylinder head cover exhaust pipe exhaust manifold filler neck gas tank gas line axle shaft differential drive shaft suspension arm shock absorber coil spring tail pipe exhaust pipe muffler catalytic converter gas supply system transmission system suspension system braking system steering system gasoline engine cooling system electrical system exhaust system

automobile systems: main parts click to hear : automobile systems: main parts

A vehicle is composed of basic mechanical parts and devices making up its systems; each of them fulfills a specific function.

fan belt click to hear : fan belt

Rubberized bands mounted on a pulley and linked to the engine, driving the fan and the alternator.

cooling fan click to hear : cooling fan

Mechanism with blades blowing air across the radiator in order to cool the liquid it contains.

radiator click to hear : radiator

Vessel in which the coolant, which circulates around the engine, is cooled by means of flowing air.

spark plug cable click to hear : spark plug cable

Electric wire carrying the high-voltage current from the distributor to the spark plugs, which produce sparks igniting the explosion.

alternator click to hear : alternator

Current generator driven by the engine, which recharges the battery to supply the electric system.

battery click to hear : battery

Unit storing the electricity produced by the alternator and releasing it to supply the vehicle’s electric system.

distributor cap click to hear : distributor cap

Unit supplying the electric current necessary for producing sparks that ignite the fuel in the engine.

gearshift lever click to hear : gearshift lever

Control for the gearbox that is manually activated by the driver to govern the actions of the gearbox.

gearbox click to hear : gearbox

Unit changing the ratio between the rotation speed of the engine and that of the wheels in the forward gears, or reversing the rotation in the reverse gear.

clutch click to hear : clutch

Mechanism disengaging and reengaging the engine and the gearbox in order to change gears.

brake pedal click to hear : brake pedal

Lever that the operator presses with the foot to activate the brake system.

brake booster click to hear : brake booster

Mechanism amplifying the force exerted by the driver on the brake pedal.

hand brake click to hear : hand brake

Lever in the passenger compartment that is connected to the rear wheels; the driver manually activates it to stop the vehicle or in case of emergency.

braking circuit click to hear : braking circuit

System of tubes containing a fluid that activates the brakes when they come under pressure from the pedal.

disc brake click to hear : disc brake

Braking mechanism comprising a disc attached to the wheel, whose rotation is slowed down when the brake pads exert friction on it.

steering column click to hear : steering column

Mechanism transmitting the steering wheel’s rotational motion to the steering gearbox.

steering wheel click to hear : steering wheel

Circular instrument used by the operator for steering the guide wheels.

air filter click to hear : air filter

Device removing dust from the air entering the engine.

cylinder head cover click to hear : cylinder head cover

Part of the engine covering the cylinder heads, where the fuel is burned.

exhaust pipe click to hear : exhaust pipe

Tubular conduit conducting the combustion gases from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter.

exhaust manifold click to hear : exhaust manifold

Set of pipes at the exit of the cylinders, capturing the combustion gases to conduct them to the exhaust pipe.

filler neck click to hear : filler neck

Conduit connected to the tank for filling it.

gas tank click to hear : gas tank

Reservoir containing the fuel that makes the vehicle self-sufficient.

gas line click to hear : gas line

Tubes connecting the tank with the engine and supplying it with fuel by means of a pump.

axle shaft click to hear : axle shaft

Transversal axle transmitting the rotation from a differential to a wheel.

differential click to hear : differential

Gear system located between the two wheels, allowing them to rotate at different speeds and compensating for the difference in distance that they travel when the car turns.

drive shaft click to hear : drive shaft

Axle transmitting the rotation of the transmission to the differential.

suspension arm click to hear : suspension arm

Unit joining the suspension components to the vehicle’s body.

shock absorber click to hear : shock absorber

Telescopic cylinder, pneumatic or hydraulic, reducing the spring’s oscillations.

coil spring click to hear : coil spring

Elastic metal shank wound up in a spiral, supporting the weight of the vehicle and absorbing the shocks caused by any unevenness in the road.

tail pipe click to hear : tail pipe

Conduit expelling the combustion gases from the muffler to the ambient air.

exhaust pipe click to hear : exhaust pipe

Tubular conduit carrying the combustion gases from the catalytic converter to the muffler.

muffler click to hear : muffler

Compartmentalized chamber in which the escaping gases expand, thus reducing the noise from the engine.

catalytic converter click to hear : catalytic converter

Chamber in which toxic substances contained in the escaping gases are broken down to make them less toxic.

gas supply system click to hear : gas supply system

Set of components supplying the fuel to the engine.

transmission system click to hear : transmission system

Set of components transmitting the motion produced by the motor to the wheels.

suspension system click to hear : suspension system

Set of components that joins the wheels to the vehicle’s body while reducing shocks caused by the road’s unevenness and improving the hold on the road.

braking system click to hear : braking system

Set of components that reduce the vehicle’s speed, eventually to a halt, and keep it in place while parked.

steering system click to hear : steering system

Set of components that direct the front wheels to guide the vehicle as it moves.

gasoline engine click to hear : gasoline engine

Engine in which a mixture of air and gasoline is compressed and ignited to produce an explosion whose energy is converted into mechanical energy.

cooling system click to hear : cooling system

Set of components that prevents the temperature of the engine from rising excessively.

electrical system click to hear : electrical system

Set of components supplying the necessary current for starting the vehicle and operating its electric accessories.

exhaust system click to hear : exhaust system

Set of components designed to expel the engine’s burned gases into the ambient air.