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radiator click to hear : radiator

Vessel in which the coolant, which circulates around the engine, is cooled by means of flowing air.
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cooling fan lower radiator hose temperature sensor electric fan motor grille filler cap

cooling fan click to hear : cooling fan

Mechanism with blades blowing air across the radiator in order to cool the liquid it contains.

lower radiator hose click to hear : lower radiator hose

Rubber hose connecting the cooling-circuit components to each other.

temperature sensor click to hear : temperature sensor

Device immersed in the coolant that switches on the fan when the coolant reaches a predetermined temperature.

electric fan motor click to hear : electric fan motor

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.

grille click to hear : grille

Grating on the radiator’s front side, protecting it from impact.

filler cap click to hear : filler cap

Cap plugging the radiator’s filling opening and regulating the pressure in the cooling system.