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road tunnel click to hear : road tunnel

Underground passage for a road under an obstacle, such as a river or a hill.
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emergency truck vehicle rest area roadway fresh air duct evacuation route exhaust air duct safety niche pressurized refuge stairs shelter emergency station connecting gallery technical room

emergency truck click to hear : emergency truck

Vehicle equipped for freeing accident or fire victims and transporting them to hospital.

vehicle rest area click to hear : vehicle rest area

Area reserved for permanent parking of an emergency vehicle or temporary parking for a vehicle that has broken down or has had an accident.

roadway click to hear : roadway

Surface upon which vehicles drive.

fresh air duct click to hear : fresh air duct

Conduit usually connected to a central ventilating station, which supplies the tunnel with fresh air through openings at the side of the roadway.

evacuation route click to hear : evacuation route

Fresh-air duct connected to a shelter and equipped to evacuate users in case of fire.

exhaust air duct click to hear : exhaust air duct

Conduit usually connected to a central ventilating station, which evacuates polluted or smoky air through openings along the tunnel.

safety niche click to hear : safety niche

Recess for an emergency telephone and fire extinguishers.

pressurized refuge click to hear : pressurized refuge

Enclosed corridor with two doors; one cannot be opened unless the other one is closed, thus the air pressure prevents the smoke from entering.

stairs click to hear : stairs

shelter click to hear : shelter

Enclosed room, ventilated, insulated from fire and connected to the evacuation route, ensuring the users’ safety before evacuation.

emergency station click to hear : emergency station

Office housing on-duty personnel responsible for communications and for first aid and fire-fighting equipment.

connecting gallery click to hear : connecting gallery

Corridor connecting the vehicle rest area to the emergency station.

technical room click to hear : technical room

Room housing lighting, ventilation, heating and telecommunications equipment.