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antilock braking system (ABS) click to hear : antilock braking system (ABS)

Electronic device controlling the hydraulic pressure in the braking circuit, to prevent the wheels from locking.
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pump and motor assembly brake pressure modulator sensor wiring circuit wheel speed sensor electronic control unit brake fluid reservoir braking circuit brake pedal brake booster master cylinder disc brake accumulator

pump and motor assembly click to hear : pump and motor assembly

Pump driven by an electric motor, circulating the brake fluid from the accumulator to the master cylinder.

brake pressure modulator click to hear : brake pressure modulator

Hydraulic unit fitted with electric valves that, depending on the signals received from the electronic control unit, adjusts the pressure in each wheel cylinder.

sensor wiring circuit click to hear : sensor wiring circuit

Set of electric wires transmitting the signals from the sensor to the electronic control unit.

wheel speed sensor click to hear : wheel speed sensor

Device sensing the rotation speed of a wheel and transmitting that information to the control unit.

electronic control unit click to hear : electronic control unit

Device that, as a result of signals received from the wheel speed sensor, controls the brake pressure modulator to give the optimal hydraulic pressure.

brake fluid reservoir click to hear : brake fluid reservoir

Reservoir supplying the master cylinder with the fluid that transmits pressure to the brakes after the driver presses the brake pedal.

braking circuit click to hear : braking circuit

System of tubes containing a fluid that activates the brakes when they come under pressure from the pedal.

brake pedal click to hear : brake pedal

Lever that the driver presses with the foot to activate the brake system.

brake booster click to hear : brake booster

Mechanism amplifying the force exerted by the driver on the brake pedal.

master cylinder click to hear : master cylinder

Mechanism composed of a cylinder and pistons that converts the mechanical force of the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure that is transmitted to the brakes.

disc brake click to hear : disc brake

Braking mechanism comprising a disc attached to the wheel, whose rotation is slowed down when the brake pads exert friction on it.

accumulator click to hear : accumulator

Device temporarily holding the hydraulic brake fluid while the modulator lowers the pressure.