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drum brake click to hear : drum brake

Braking mechanism comprising a drum interlocked with the wheel; the brake shoes rub against the drum to slow down the wheel’s rotation.
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drum lug return spring piston anchor pin brake lining backing plate wheel cylinder brake shoe

drum click to hear : drum

Part interlocked with the wheel so that the wheel slows its rotation when the brake shoes rub against the inside of the drum.

lug click to hear : lug

Part for assembling and interlocking the drum and the wheel.

return spring click to hear : return spring

Spring returning the brake shoe to its initial position once the pressure on the brake pedal has ceased.

piston click to hear : piston

Part that slides in the cylinder under hydraulic pressure and pushes the brake shoe against the drum.

anchor pin click to hear : anchor pin

Axle serving as an anchoring point for the brake shoe, enabling it to move when acted upon by the piston.

brake lining click to hear : brake lining

Band of material attached to the brake shoe; heat resistant, it increases the frictional force on the drum.

backing plate click to hear : backing plate

Fixed part serving as a mount for the brake shoes, cylinder and anchor pin.

wheel cylinder click to hear : wheel cylinder

Mechanism with a cylinder and two pistons that converts the hydraulic pressure in the master cylinder to mechanical force that is applied to the brake shoes.

brake shoe click to hear : brake shoe

Crescent-shaped part interlocked with an anchor pin; it is fitted with a lining, which moves against the interior surface of the drum to slow its rotation.