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jackleg drill click to hear : jackleg drill

Percussive tool that is powered by compressed air; it is used to bore holes into hard rock. The air leg makes the job easier for the drill operator.
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oiler air hose drill rod bit water separator air leg water hose hammer drill

oiler click to hear : oiler

Device that allows oil to enter the hammer to prevent wear of its moving parts.

air hose click to hear : air hose

Flexible hose through which oil is fed to the hammer.

drill rod click to hear : drill rod

Usually hollow, steel rod that is activated by the hammer drill’s piston to strike the rock and bore into it.

bit click to hear : bit

Cutting end of the drill rod that is used to bore into the rock.

water separator click to hear : water separator

Device that removes any trace of humidity from the compressor’s air to prevent damage to the hammer.

air leg click to hear : air leg

Movable cylindrical part that supports the hammer drill; it transmits air pressure to the drill from the compressor to which it is attached.

water hose click to hear : water hose

Flexible hose used to inject water under pressure to prevent wear on the drill rod and the bit and to discharge waste.

hammer drill click to hear : hammer drill

Percussive tool that is powered by compressed air; its piston (cylindrical part) is pushed by the air leg and hits the drill rod, causing it to bore into the rock.