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geothermal and fossil energy image

geothermal and fossil energy
Geothermal energy uses the Earth’s internal heat and is a renewable energy source; fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum are nonrenewable energy sources.

production of electricity from geothermal energy image

production of electricity from geothermal energy
Hot water contained in the ground near a volcano, geyser or thermal source is piped to the surface by drilling to extract steam and produce electricity.

thermal energy image

thermal energy
Energy that is produced by turning water into steam through the burning of fuel (e.g., petroleum and coal) or through nuclear reaction.

coal mine image

coal mine
The underground or open-pit facilities that are set up around a coal deposit in order to extract it.

oil image

Flammable, relatively viscous oily liquid that is used as an energy source; it is made up of various hydrocarbons resulting from the decomposition of plant life over millions of year.