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underground mine click to hear : underground mine

Property in which excavations are carried out to extract deeply embedded (between 10 and 3,500 m) coal for industrial mining.
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elevator room sump deck level drift face cross cut chute winze manway landing panel ore pass skip top road pillar winding shaft winding tower vertical shaft bottom road headframe

elevator click to hear : elevator

Power lift fitted with a cab that transports coal or miners between the various levels.

room click to hear : room

Cavity that remains after the ore is extracted; pillars support its roof.

sump click to hear : sump

Bottom of the shaft in which water runoff accumulates inside the mine before being pumped to the surface.

deck click to hear : deck

Extraction layer between two levels; mining is usually done in stages and in descending order.

level click to hear : level

The horizontal passageways that branch off from the shaft at the same depth; they are usually at regular intervals.

drift click to hear : drift

Passageway dug horizontally along the grade line of the ore seam; it can also be dug into the ore vertically.

face click to hear : face

Opening that is dug laterally into the rock as coal is extracted.

cross cut click to hear : cross cut

Horizontal passageway that cuts through the ore bed perpendicularly; it provides communication between the passageways and helps to ventilate the mine.

chute click to hear : chute

Vertical or inclined passageway through which ore, equipment, personnel and air move from one level of the mine to the other.

winze click to hear : winze

Vertical or inclined passageway that connects two levels; it is dug downward from inside the mine and not from the surface.

manway click to hear : manway

Passageway allowing workers to move around in the mine.

landing click to hear : landing

Landing located around a shaft on each level; coal is collected here before being moved to the surface.

panel click to hear : panel

Unit of rock that is being mined; it is contained between vertical and horizontal planes and is demarcated by various passageways.

ore pass click to hear : ore pass

Inclined route that takes coal to a lower level; coal that falls on the mine floor is usually crushed before being brought to the surface.

skip click to hear : skip

Elevator consisting of a skip bucket that is activated by a hoist; it is used to bring coal and people to the surface.

top road click to hear : top road

Horizontal passageway that serves the highest level of a panel.

pillar click to hear : pillar

Mass of ore that is left unmined at regular intervals in an excavation (chamber); it provides stability for the upper layers.

winding shaft click to hear : winding shaft

Shaft that is dug vertically into the ground; coal is removed from the mine through it using hoisting machinery.

winding tower click to hear : winding tower

Building that houses the shaft’s hoisting equipment (including motors and hoisting cables); it provides communication between the surface and the mine galleries.

vertical shaft click to hear : vertical shaft

Shaft that is dug perpendicular to the surface; it serves various levels and is used mainly to transport personnel, equipment and ore.

bottom road click to hear : bottom road

Horizontal passageway that serves the base of a panel.

headframe click to hear : headframe

Opening at the top of the shaft that connects the aboveground facilities (including ventilation fans and hoists) to the underground areas being mined.