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pithead click to hear : pithead

The surface facilities needed for underground mining (including extraction machinery, storage areas and offices).
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loading bunker main fan dump maintenance shop maritime transport rail track hoist room winding tower conveyor treatment plant miners’ changing-room headframe

loading bunker click to hear : loading bunker

Reservoir where processed coal is stored before being loaded onto freight cars to be transported by rail to the power plant.

main fan click to hear : main fan

Device that ensures air exchange in the mine; air is drawn through one shaft and exits through another.

dump click to hear : dump

Pile that is made up of residue from mining operations.

maintenance shop click to hear : maintenance shop

Work area where machinery is maintained and repaired.

maritime transport click to hear : maritime transport

Means of transport that uses barges to transport coal over water.

rail track click to hear : rail track

The tracks formed of two parallel rails on which trains travel to transport coal.

hoist room click to hear : hoist room

Area that houses the hoist (cylinder) on which the hoisting cables are wound; it controls movement of the elevators and skip hoists in the shaft.

winding tower click to hear : winding tower

Building that houses the shaft’s hoisting equipment (including motors and hoisting cables); it provides communication between the surface and the mine galleries.

conveyor click to hear : conveyor

Materials-handling device that consists of a conveyor belt (sturdy belt on rollers); it is used to carry coal to the treatment plant.

treatment plant click to hear : treatment plant

Place where all processing activities (including crushing and washing) are carried out to prepare the coal for market.

miners’ changing-room click to hear : miners’ changing-room

Area with sanitary facilities (showers, toilets) where miners can go mainly to change their clothes.

headframe click to hear : headframe

Opening at the top of the shaft that connects the aboveground facilities (including ventilation fans and hoists) to the underground areas being mined.