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arch dam click to hear : arch dam

Its curvature allows most of the water’s thrust to be transmitted to the usually narrow valley slopes supporting it.
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cross section of an arch dam pulvino reservoir soil afterbay peripheral joint cantilever

cross section of an arch dam click to hear : cross section of an arch dam

pulvino click to hear : pulvino

Supporting mass of the dam foundation that bears its weight and transmits it to the ground.

reservoir click to hear : reservoir

Basin formed by the construction of a dam; it holds back a very large volume of water so that the flow rate can be controlled.

soil click to hear : soil

Natural rocky ground in which the dam is anchored.

afterbay click to hear : afterbay

Area of the watercourse where water is discharged after passing through the turbines.

peripheral joint click to hear : peripheral joint

Material that fills the space between the dam and the pulvino over the entire length of the structure; it allows the structure to transmit the thrust of the water to its lateral supports.

cantilever click to hear : cantilever

Imaginary vertical element that is used to calculate the arch dam (usually by breaking it down into horizontal arches and vertical cantilever elements).