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hydroelectricity image

A nonpolluting renewable energy source, hydroelectricity accounts for 20% of the electricity consumed around the world.

steps in production of electricity image

steps in production of electricity
In a hydroelectric power plant, water is turned into electricity, which is carried to consumers along a transportation and distribution network.

hydroelectric complex image

hydroelectric complex
The reservoir structures and installations that use water power to produce electricity.

generator unit image

generator unit
Device with a turbine that transmits the water’s mechanical energy to the generator’s rotor to make it turn to produce electricity.

examples of dams image

examples of dams
There are masonry dams, concrete dams and embankment dams; the choice depends on criteria such as the nature of the ground, the shape of the valley and the materials available.

electricity transmission image

electricity transmission
Electricity is carried by overhead and underground lines; due to high cost, underground lines are used mainly in cities.

tidal power plant image

tidal power plant
Plant that harnesses tidal power (the motion of the rising and falling tides) to produce electric power.