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pylon click to hear : pylon

Metal beam that supports the electric conductors along the overhead transportation lines.
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crossarm suspension insulator string bundle K-frame node panel horizontal member main leg base width pylon foot pylon body diagonal waist pylon window pylon top ground-wire peak overhead ground wire beam gantry

crossarm click to hear : crossarm

Horizontal element that protrudes on each side of the pylon; it supports the bundles by means of suspension insulator strings.

suspension insulator string click to hear : suspension insulator string

Insulators that are assembled in a vertical or oblique chain; the overhead line conductors hang from it.

bundle click to hear : bundle

Conductor cables that are kept a constant distance apart by spacers; they are used to transport current.

K-frame click to hear : K-frame

Part of the pylon that rests on the waist; it has two branches that end at the beam gantry.

node click to hear : node

Point at which several legs and bars come together.

panel click to hear : panel

Part of the pylon between two horizontal members.

horizontal member click to hear : horizontal member

Horizontal bar that connects the main legs to strengthen them.

main leg click to hear : main leg

The main tower legs of the pylon body; they support mainly vertical weights.

base width click to hear : base width

Space between the foundation axes of the main legs.

pylon foot click to hear : pylon foot

Lower part of the pylon that is usually underground; the legs are anchored to it.

pylon body click to hear : pylon body

Part of the pylon support between the top and the foot.

diagonal click to hear : diagonal

Diagonal bar that connects two main legs or a horizontal member and a main leg.

waist click to hear : waist

Demarcation bar between the pylon top and body that is held tightly between them.

pylon window click to hear : pylon window

Space bounded by the inner side of the arms of the K-frame and the beam gantry.

pylon top click to hear : pylon top

Upper portion of the pylon where the insulator strings and bundles are attached.

ground-wire peak click to hear : ground-wire peak

Projection atop the pylon that supports the overhead ground wire.

overhead ground wire click to hear : overhead ground wire

Conductor that is connected to the ground and attached above the bundles of the overhead lines to protect them from lightning.

beam gantry click to hear : beam gantry

Horizontal element of the pylon top; it supports the bundles inside the pylon window.