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tidal power plant click to hear : tidal power plant

Plant that harnesses tidal power (the motion of the rising and falling tides) to produce electric power.
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gate substation basin inactive dike administrative building power plant lock sea bank operating dam

gate click to hear : gate

Movable vertical panel that controls the rate of flow of the water between the sea and the basin.

substation click to hear : substation

The devices (such as transformers and changeover switches) that increase the voltage of the electricity and carry it to the network.

basin click to hear : basin

Area in which water is stored at high tide; the basin empties out through the penstocks at low tide.

inactive dike click to hear : inactive dike

Part of the dam made up mainly of rocky material; it is built between the plant and the operating dam to separate the basin from the sea.

administrative building click to hear : administrative building

power plant click to hear : power plant

Part of the dam housing bulb units that are powered by the rise and fall of the sea to produce electricity.

lock click to hear : lock

Structure with doors and gates that is built between the sea and the basin; it allows boats to pass from one level to the other.

sea click to hear : sea

Vast body of saltwater at some distance inland; it is not as deep as an ocean.

bank click to hear : bank

Strip of land bordering the sea.

operating dam click to hear : operating dam

Structure with gates that control the basin level in relation to the level of the sea.