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examples of shorelines click to hear : examples of shorelines

Shoreline: strip of land where the sea meets the land.
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shore cliff fjords barrier beach delta atoll lagoon rias

shore cliff click to hear : shore cliff

Steep rock-faced shoreline shaped by the sea.

fjords click to hear : fjords

Deep glacial valleys filled with seawater and cutting into the shoreline.

barrier beach click to hear : barrier beach

Usually narrow ridge of sand or pebbles bordering the shoreline.

delta click to hear : delta

Section of the coastline where sediment builds up at the mouth of a river, divided into several arms.

atoll click to hear : atoll

Ring-shaped coral-reef island enclosing a lagoon and often a central island.

lagoon click to hear : lagoon

Shallow expanse of water separated from the sea by a coral reef.

rias click to hear : rias

Shoreline whose ancient coastal valleys have been filled by the sea.