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watercourse click to hear : watercourse

Natural flow of water that varies in size, depending on the ground slope and the number of tributaries.
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spring waterfall lake effluent affluent confluent meander delta sea floodplain delta distributary alluvial deposits oxbow river plain valley gorge river glacier brook

spring click to hear : spring

Point where underground water rises to the surface; it may be the source of a watercourse.

waterfall click to hear : waterfall

Almost vertical flow of a watercourse, caused by a sudden change in the level of its bed.

lake click to hear : lake

Body of water completely surrounded by land; it varies in size and depth.

effluent click to hear : effluent

Watercourse from a lake or glacier.

affluent click to hear : affluent

Watercourse that flows into a larger watercourse or a lake.

confluent click to hear : confluent

Point where two or more watercourses meet.

meander click to hear : meander

Sinuosity created by a watercourse following a gentle slope.

delta click to hear : delta

Section of the coastline where sediment builds up at the mouth of a river, divided into several arms.

sea click to hear : sea

Vast body of saltwater at some distance inland; it is not as deep as an ocean.

floodplain click to hear : floodplain

Level surface bordering a watercourse; it is subject to periodic flooding.

delta distributary click to hear : delta distributary

Channel that a river or stream follows near its mouth; several arms, separated by alluvial deposits, form a delta.

alluvial deposits click to hear : alluvial deposits

Sediment (mud, sand, gravel, pebbles) transported and then deposited by a watercourse.

oxbow click to hear : oxbow

Meander left behind by the watercourse, forming a crescent-shaped lake.

river click to hear : river

Major watercourse fed by numerous smaller rivers; it empties into the sea.

plain click to hear : plain

Vast, relatively flat expanse of land, lower than the surrounding landscape; its valleys are wide and shallow.

valley click to hear : valley

Elongated depression shaped by a watercourse or glacier and bounded by the slopes of the surrounding land.

gorge click to hear : gorge

Deep narrow valley bounded by steep or very sheer slopes, carved out by a watercourse.

river click to hear : river

Natural watercourse of minor or intermediate size that empties into another watercourse.

glacier click to hear : glacier

Mass of ice resulting from the accumulation and compression of snow; it moves under its own weight.

brook click to hear : brook

Small watercourse fed by a spring, the tributary of a river or a lake.