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cross section of a power plant click to hear : cross section of a power plant

cross section of a power plant image
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operating floor basin side top of dam penstock turbine runner runner blade bulb unit access shaft sea side

operating floor click to hear : operating floor

Part of the plant that houses the equipment needed to operate the bulb units (including maintenance and control devices).

basin side click to hear : basin side

At low tide, the sea is lower than the basin and it empties out; at high tide, the action is reversed.

top of dam click to hear : top of dam

Upper part of the plant; it usually has an access road.

penstock click to hear : penstock

Channel that carries water to the plant turbines, from the sea to the basin or from the basin to the sea.

turbine runner click to hear : turbine runner

Movable part of the turbine that converts energy from the water it receives into mechanical energy, which is transmitted to the generator’s rotor.

runner blade click to hear : runner blade

Movable part that is fixed to the hub of the runner; it turns through the action of water power on it.

bulb unit click to hear : bulb unit

A turbine is connected by a horizontal axis to the rotor of a generator unit, which turns under the action of the tide.

access shaft click to hear : access shaft

Vertical shaft connecting the operating floor to the generator so that inspection and maintenance can be carried out.

sea side click to hear : sea side

At high tide, the sea is higher than the basin and it fills up; at low tide, the action is reversed.