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buttress dam click to hear : buttress dam

Used mainly in wide valleys, it consists of an impermeable wall, which is shored up by a series of buttresses to transmit the thrust of the water to the foundation.
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cross section of a buttress dam reservoir foundation foundation blockage buttress

cross section of a buttress dam click to hear : cross section of a buttress dam

reservoir click to hear : reservoir

Basin formed by the construction of a dam; it holds back a very large volume of water so that the flow rate can be controlled.

foundation click to hear : foundation

Concrete structure that supports the weight of the dam and transmits it to the ground to provide stability to the dam.

foundation blockage click to hear : foundation blockage

Block of concrete that anchors the foundation in the ground to prevent movement.

buttress click to hear : buttress

Block of concrete reinforcing a wall that has to stand up to the thrust of the water; it provides stability to the dam.