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gravity dam click to hear : gravity dam

Its huge mass resists the thrust of the water to prevent it from overturning or sliding; this type of dam is usually used to hold back large volumes of water.
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cross section of a gravity dam cut-off trench reservoir afterbay downstream face upstream face top of dam

cross section of a gravity dam click to hear : cross section of a gravity dam

cut-off trench click to hear : cut-off trench

Watertight structure that extends the foundations of the dam into the ground; it limits leakage and infiltration under the dam.

reservoir click to hear : reservoir

Basin formed by the construction of a dam; it holds back a very large volume of water so that the flow rate can be controlled.

afterbay click to hear : afterbay

Area of the watercourse where water is discharged after passing through the turbines.

downstream face click to hear : downstream face

Usually sloping dam face on the afterbay side.

upstream face click to hear : upstream face

Dam face on the reservoir side.

top of dam click to hear : top of dam

Upper part of the dam that usually contains a roadway.