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spices click to hear : spices

Plant substances, often of exotic origin, used primarily for their flavor and pungency to enhance the taste of various recipes.
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cinnamon curry saffron cumin cardamom caraway nutmeg fenugreek turmeric

cinnamon click to hear : cinnamon

Dried bark of the cinnamon tree, sold in sticks, ground or as an essential oil; it is often associated with candy, sweet dishes and hot drinks.

curry click to hear : curry

A staple of Indian cooking, the pungency of this blend of spices varies, depending on how much pepper or chile is used.

saffron click to hear : saffron

The most expensive spice, actually derived from the handpicked and dried stigmata of the crocus flower; it is an essential ingredient in paella and bouillabaisse.

cumin click to hear : cumin

Extensively used in traditional Arab, Indian and Mexican dishes, it has a strong smell and a warm, slightly bitter flavor.

cardamom click to hear : cardamom

The pod is green, brown or white, depending on whether it was sun- or oven-dried, or bleached; its delicate peppery flavor characterizes Indian curry.

caraway click to hear : caraway

Its sharp bitter flavor enhances the flavor of stewed dishes; it is used primarily in Eastern Europe, India and Arab countries.

nutmeg click to hear : nutmeg

Its flavor complements milk products but quickly decreases once the nut is ground; its red membrane, known as mace, is also used as a spice.

fenugreek click to hear : fenugreek

Once roasted, the seeds have a bittersweet aftertaste; they are used in Indian cooking or, when sprouted, added to salads.

turmeric click to hear : turmeric

Similar to ginger, it is cooked and ground into powder; among other uses, it is added to Indian curries and chutneys and provides the color for American mustard.