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food image

Humans eat a wide variety of foodstuffs derived directly or indirectly from vegetable or animal sources.

farmstead image

All the structures belonging to an agricultural concern and used as dwellings or in its operation.

mushrooms image

Vegetable that grows in damp cool places; its edible varieties are served as condiments or as an ingredient in a variety of foods.

seaweed image

Usually aquatic vegetables used in cooking or as dietary supplements; they are primarily produced and eaten by the Japanese.

spices image

Plant substances, often of exotic origin, used primarily for their flavor and pungency to enhance the taste of various recipes.

condiments image

Natural or artificial substances used in cooking to bring out the flavor in a dish or to complement it.

herbs image

Aromatic fresh or dried plants used separately or mixed to bring out the flavor of recipes; they often make excellent infusions.

cereal image

Plants that are often cultivated on a large scale; their grains have been a major food staple for humans and certain domestic animals for centuries.

chocolate image

Smooth paste made with cocoa and sugar, extensively used in making candy and pastry and often eaten plain, as bars or squares.

sugar image

Sweet-tasting foodstuff derived from certain plants; the most common varieties of sugar come from sugarcane and sugar beets.

fats and oils image

fats and oils
Animal or vegetable fatty acids in solid or liquid form generally used to cook, flavor, thicken or preserve foods.

variety meat image

variety meat
Edible parts of slaughter animals, apart from the meat.

game image

Wild animals that can legally be hunted and eaten as food; includes large and small game animals and game birds.

poultry image

Term that refers to barnyard fowl, most of which have been domesticated for centuries and are now mass-produced.

eggs image

Foodstuff that female fowl, especially hens, produce by laying; there are many ways of preparing them: e.g., soft-boiled, scrambled and in omelettes.

delicatessen image

Foodstuff made from the meat (usually pork) or offal of various animals; among the many different varieties, some can be consumed as is, some are cooked.

mollusks image

Usually marine-dwelling, soft-bodied invertebrates; some have shells and are sold live.

crustaceans image

Aquatic invertebrates having a carapace over their bodies; they are sold live, frozen (raw or cooked) or canned.

cartilaginous fishes image

cartilaginous fishes
Fish with skeletons made of cartilage rather than bones; their flesh usually contains no bones.

bony fishes image

bony fishes
Fish with smooth flat scales and a rigid skeleton; the various species make up the largest group of fish.

supermarket image

A large self-service store that sells food and various everyday household goods; the part accessible to shoppers is surrounded by service areas reserved for storage and for preparing and preserving merchandise.

vegetables image

Plants used as foodstuffs; a simple way to classify vegetables is to group them according to their edible part. The sweet fruit category of plants constitutes another food category (fruits).

legumes image

The main edible part of these pod-shaped fruits is their seeds, consumed fresh, dried or sprouted; if dried, they often require soaking before they can be cooked.

fruits image

Usually sweet vegetables, primarily consumed at breakfast, as a snack or for dessert, and used extensively in pastry and candy making.

cereal products image

cereal products
Cereals that have been processed in various ways to make ground (flour, semolina), unground (rice) or manufactured products (bread, pasta, noodles).

coffee and infusions image

coffee and infusions
Aromatic beverages derived from ground beans (coffee) or dried plants (tea, herbal tea) that are combined with boiling water.

dairy products image

dairy products
Foods produced by processing fresh milk; they are used daily in Western countries, where they are known for their high calcium content.

meat image

Flesh of slaughter animals, consumed as food; a distinction is usually made between red meat, such as beef and lamb, and white meat, such as veal and pork.