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root vegetables click to hear : root vegetables

The fleshy roots of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
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burdock daikon salsify horseradish black salsify carrot parsnip

burdock click to hear : burdock

Root of a plant harvested before the floral stem develops; it is used as a vegetable or as a flavoring ingredient.

daikon click to hear : daikon

Its somewhat mild-tasting flesh, leaves and sprouted seeds are prepared in various ways; in Japan, it is served with sashimi.

salsify click to hear : salsify

Its sweet mild flavor is often said to resemble the oyster’s; its young leaves are also edible.

horseradish click to hear : horseradish

Often used as a flavoring ingredient, especially in sauces; its strong flavor becomes milder when mixed with cream or mayonnaise.

black salsify click to hear : black salsify

Closely related to salsify, its cream-colored flesh is less stringy and more flavorful; it is an ingredient in dishes such as soups and ragouts.

carrot click to hear : carrot

Eaten in a variety of ways: plain, in salads, in deserts, as a vegetable side dish or a juice.

parsnip click to hear : parsnip

The yellowish flesh of this little-known vegetable has a slightly nutty taste and a texture similar to the turnip; it can be eaten raw or cooked.