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root vegetables click to hear : root vegetables

The fleshy roots of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
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malanga black radish beet rutabaga radish turnip celeriac

malanga click to hear : malanga

A staple in the West Indies, where it is grated and used to make fried doughnuts called acras; its strong taste hints of hazelnuts.

black radish click to hear : black radish

Popular in Eastern Europe, although less juicy than the red radish; it can be cooked or sweated with salt to alleviate its bitter taste.

beet click to hear : beet

Its usually red flesh contains a juice that stains readily; it is eaten raw, pickled or cooked, most famously in borscht, a hearty soup from Eastern Europe.

rutabaga click to hear : rutabaga

Larger and stronger-tasting than the turnip, it can be recognized by its usually yellow flesh and by the bump on its top.

radish click to hear : radish

Juicy and crunchy, it is eaten raw, as an hors d’oeuvre or in salads; it is also popular served cooked or pickled, especially in Asia.

turnip click to hear : turnip

Often confused with the rutabaga, this white-fleshed vegetable is eaten raw or cooked and prepared like carrots.

celeriac click to hear : celeriac

A slightly spicy kind of celery; the raw vegetable, combined with mustard mayonnaise, becomes the classic celeriac remoulade.