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peas click to hear : peas

The rounded seeds are called "e&green peas"e& when they are fresh and "e&dried peas"e& when they are dried.
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split peas click to hear : split peas

These pea seeds, dried and split in two, are generally puréed and used in various kinds of soups.

chick peas click to hear : chick peas

Basic ingredient of hummus and falafel and found in couscous; they are also used to make various southern French dishes such as estouffade.

green peas click to hear : green peas

Delicious freshly picked, they are also available frozen or canned; a component of mixed vegetables and of dishes labeled "e&à la jardinière"e&.

sweet peas click to hear : sweet peas

Eaten freshly picked with the sweet and crunchy pod, hence their name; they are especially popular in Chinese dishes.