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fruit vegetables click to hear : fruit vegetables

Fruits of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
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summer squash spaghetti squash acorn squash pumpkin autumn squash

summer squash click to hear : summer squash

Picked when ripe, the seeds are removed and the flesh eaten raw or cooked; it bears edible flowers.

spaghetti squash click to hear : spaghetti squash

Derives its name from its cooked flesh, resembling spaghetti, which it can replace in most recipes.

acorn squash click to hear : acorn squash

Its smooth hard skin turns orange when fully ripe; the delicate, slightly fibrous flesh tastes of pepper and hazelnuts.

pumpkin click to hear : pumpkin

Used primarily in North America, it can be recognized by its hard fibrous pedicel; its flesh is widely used in soups and desserts and its edible seeds are dried.

autumn squash click to hear : autumn squash

The rind can be yellow, orange or green; often confused with the pumpkin, it can be recognized by its pedicel, which is soft and enlarged where it attaches to the vegetable.