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bread click to hear : bread

Food made from flour, water and salt, often containing an agent (leaven or yeast) that makes it rise.
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Jewish hallah American corn bread farmhouse bread multigrain bread white bread wholemeal bread

Jewish hallah click to hear : Jewish hallah

Light soft sweetish bread traditionally served on the Sabbath and other Jewish festivals; it is usually braided.

American corn bread click to hear : American corn bread

The crumb of this corn flour-based bread is golden in color; it is easy to make and very popular in the southern United States.

farmhouse bread click to hear : farmhouse bread

Its thick, often floury crust and slightly acidic-tasting interior can last a long time without becoming stale; it can be used in a variety of ways.

multigrain bread click to hear : multigrain bread

Usually contains 80% white flour, whole wheat flour or a mixture of the two, to which other cereals (oats, rye, etc.) are added.

white bread click to hear : white bread

Bread made with white flour that comes in a variety of shapes, thickness and textures; it is less nutritious than wholemeal bread.

wholemeal bread click to hear : wholemeal bread

Because it is made with whole wheat flour, it is highly nutritious and contains more minerals and protein than white bread.