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flour and semolina click to hear : flour and semolina

Products obtained by grinding grains and cereals; semolina is usually coarser and more granular than flour. Without a modifier, these words generally refer to wheat.
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corn flour unbleached flour all-purpose flour semolina oat flour whole-wheat flour couscous

corn flour click to hear : corn flour

Primarily added to crepe, cake, muffin and bread mixes; it must be combined with wheat flour if the mixture is intended to rise.

unbleached flour click to hear : unbleached flour

Like white flour, it comes from grinding wheat grains from which the bran and germ have been removed, but it is not artificially whitened.

all-purpose flour click to hear : all-purpose flour

This blend of ground hard and soft wheat has many uses, but is primarily used to thicken sauces or to make bread and pastry.

semolina click to hear : semolina

Refers to the granular flour derived from hard wheat, used to make pasta; fine semolina can also be eaten as a cereal (cream of wheat).

oat flour click to hear : oat flour

Since it does not rise during cooking, it must be combined with wheat flour to make bread and other leavened products; it makes these products heavier.

whole-wheat flour click to hear : whole-wheat flour

Because it is produced by grinding the entire grain, none of the nutrients is lost; the grain’s outer layer, known as bran, gives it a brownish color.

couscous click to hear : couscous

Hard wheat semolina that is formed into grains and used to prepare an eponymous dish of the Maghreb; it is traditionally steamed over broth.