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tropical fruits click to hear : tropical fruits

A variety of fruits, usually of exotic origin, more or less available in the West.
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durian carambola Asian pear feijoa mango pepino prickly pear papaya

durian click to hear : durian

Large fruit that emits a disagreeable odor when ripe; its sweet creamy flesh is often eaten plain while the seeds are used like nuts.

carambola click to hear : carambola

Within the delicate edible skin is a juicy, slightly acidic flesh that can be eaten raw or cooked, as a fruit or vegetable.

Asian pear click to hear : Asian pear

Most popular Asian fruit, primarily eaten plain; its flesh is sweet and juicy, like the pear’s, and crunchy, like the apple’s.

feijoa click to hear : feijoa

Has sweet fragrant, slightly granular flesh; after peeling, it is eaten raw or cooked, plain or in various desserts.

mango click to hear : mango

Fruit with a flattened stone and a skin that should be discarded, as it irritates the mouth; it is mostly eaten ripe, but sometimes used green, as a vegetable.

pepino click to hear : pepino

The orange or yellow flesh is slightly starchy. Before fully ripe, it is often cooked and prepared like a squash; once ripe, it is eaten like a melon.

prickly pear click to hear : prickly pear

Fruit of a member of the cactus family; the spines and skin should be removed before eating the flesh, plain or sprinkled with lemon or lime juice.

papaya click to hear : papaya

Its usually orange, juicy flesh is eaten like the melon and contains spicy, edible seeds; when green, it is eaten like winter squash.