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tropical fruits click to hear : tropical fruits

A variety of fruits, usually of exotic origin, more or less available in the West.
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fig sapodilla jujube rambutan jaboticaba Japanese persimmon litchi guava

fig click to hear : fig

Among its many varieties are the black, the green and the purple fig; whether fresh or dried, it is mostly eaten raw, but can also be cooked.

sapodilla click to hear : sapodilla

Has juicy fragrant, slightly granular flesh that tastes like honey and apricots; it is easy to peel and is eaten raw or cooked.

jujube click to hear : jujube

Somewhat dry stone fruit, eaten fresh or dried, raw or cooked, like the date.

rambutan click to hear : rambutan

The shell, covered in soft spikes, splits easily to reveal flesh like the litchi’s but less fragrant; it is used like the litchi.

jaboticaba click to hear : jaboticaba

Little known outside Brazil, it is eaten as is, like grapes, or made into jelly, jam, juice or wine; its translucent flesh is either white or pink.

Japanese persimmon click to hear : Japanese persimmon

This national fruit of Japan is often eaten plain, with a spoon; the fuyu variety is eaten like an apple.

litchi click to hear : litchi

Its juicy crunchy translucent flesh is more fragrant than the longan’s; it is often eaten raw and the Chinese serve it with fish or meat.

guava click to hear : guava

Very popular in South America, its fragrant, slightly acidic flesh is eaten raw or cooked, with or without the skin and seeds.