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tropical fruits click to hear : tropical fruits

A variety of fruits, usually of exotic origin, more or less available in the West.
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jackfruit pomegranate cherimoya pineapple

jackfruit click to hear : jackfruit

This very large fruit has edible seeds than can be boiled or roasted; the starchy flesh is eaten as a fruit or vegetable, either raw or cooked.

pomegranate click to hear : pomegranate

The edible part is the small, very juicy berries enclosed within the fruit’s membranes; it is used to make grenadine syrup, an ingredient in drinks and desserts.

cherimoya click to hear : cherimoya

The skin and the seeds inside the slightly granular flesh are inedible; the flesh is sprinkled with orange juice and eaten with a spoon.

pineapple click to hear : pineapple

Once the inedible rind has been removed, it is eaten raw, cooked or in juice; in North America, it is traditionally served with ham.