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tropical fruits click to hear : tropical fruits

A variety of fruits, usually of exotic origin, more or less available in the West.
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passion fruit horned melon longan mangosteen tamarillo plantain kiwi banana

passion fruit click to hear : passion fruit

Within its inedible skin that wrinkles when ripe, there is a highly aromatic gelatinous pulp; delicious plain, it is used to flavor fruit punches and cocktails.

horned melon click to hear : horned melon

Its green flesh contains soft edible seeds, similar to those of the cucumber; it is often peeled and then made into juice.

longan click to hear : longan

Stone fruit, related to the litchi, whose whitish translucent flesh is sweet and juicy; the peeled and stoned fruit is often eaten plain.

mangosteen click to hear : mangosteen

Within the inedible skin that hardens as the fruit ages, there is a sweet juicy white flesh that is divided into sections; it is eaten as is, like an orange.

tamarillo click to hear : tamarillo

Within the inedible skin there is a firm, slightly acidic flesh. If very ripe, it can be eaten raw; otherwise, it is often cooked like a vegetable.

plantain click to hear : plantain

Nicknamed the "e&cooking banana"e&, this staple of African and West Indian cooking is inedible when raw; it is primarily eaten as a vegetable, either steamed, roasted or fried.

kiwi click to hear : kiwi

Its juicy, slightly acidic green flesh has a high vitamin C content; delicious plain, its downy skin is generally discarded, although it can be eaten.

banana click to hear : banana

Eaten as is, sautéed, fried or flambéed with rum; it is a classic garnish for ice-cream dishes and is also used in muffins and cakes.