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condiments click to hear : condiments

Natural or artificial substances used in cooking to bring out the flavor in a dish or to complement it.
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coarse salt table salt sea salt plum sauce wasabi mango chutney ketchup sambal oelek harissa

coarse salt click to hear : coarse salt

This somewhat refined version is sometimes used in cooking or to sweat vegetables and preserve foods.

table salt click to hear : table salt

A standard table condiment and also commonly used in cooking, it is always refined.

sea salt click to hear : sea salt

Unlike rock salt, which is whiter and comes from the subsoil, this usually grayish salt is derived from seawater through evaporation.

plum sauce click to hear : plum sauce

Sweet-and-sour Chinese sauce primarily served with deep-fried or roasted dishes, such as pork and roast duck.

wasabi click to hear : wasabi

Its very pungent taste enhances meat and fish dishes, such as Japanese sushi and sashimi.

mango chutney click to hear : mango chutney

Thick sweet-and-sour relish, originating in India and made with mangoes, sugar and vinegar; it can be served with a variety of dishes.

ketchup click to hear : ketchup

Medium spicy, traditionally English tomato purée made from numerous different recipes.

sambal oelek click to hear : sambal oelek

Very spicy Indonesian sauce made from chiles; it is used as a flavoring ingredient, condiment or hors d’oeuvre sauce.

harissa click to hear : harissa

This chile-based purée is very popular in the Middle East and North Africa; it is used as is or mixed with broth and is a key ingredient in couscous.