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condiments click to hear : condiments

Natural or artificial substances used in cooking to bring out the flavor in a dish or to complement it.
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malt vinegar wine vinegar balsamic vinegar rice vinegar apple cider vinegar

malt vinegar click to hear : malt vinegar

Made from sprouted barley juice, it is much too strong for salad dressings; it is used instead to make mixed pickles and chutneys.

wine vinegar click to hear : wine vinegar

White wine vinegar is less fragrant than the red; the former goes well with fish and seafood while the latter brings out the flavor of blander foods.

balsamic vinegar click to hear : balsamic vinegar

Well-known condiment made from sweet white grapes and aged in wooden casks; its low acidity makes it ideal for use in salads or in hot foods.

rice vinegar click to hear : rice vinegar

It is made from fermented rice wine and is very popular in Asian cooking; the Japanese version is sweet while the Chinese one is spicier.

apple cider vinegar click to hear : apple cider vinegar

Cider-based product whose strong taste makes it unsuitable for salads; it is used primarily for deglazing or as an ingredient in fish and seafood dishes.