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herbs click to hear : herbs

Aromatic fresh or dried plants used separately or mixed to bring out the flavor of recipes; they often make excellent infusions.
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anise mint thyme sage basil tarragon oregano sweet bay dill

anise click to hear : anise

Extensively used in making candy (licorice) and liqueurs (pastis), its edible leaves and seeds can flavor savory as well as sweet dishes.

mint click to hear : mint

Gives a refreshing taste to numerous sweet and savory dishes, such as lamb; its aromatic essential oil is used to flavor candy, liqueurs and many other types of food.

thyme click to hear : thyme

Used with parsley and sweet bay to make bouquets garnis; because it withstands lengthy cooking, it is a popular choice for flavoring soups and stews.

sage click to hear : sage

Its pungent flavor complements a variety of dishes; it is often used with pork, duck and goose, as well as in Italian veal dishes.

basil click to hear : basil

A popular choice for seasoning tomato and pasta dishes, it is also one of the main ingredients in pistou and Italian pesto.

tarragon click to hear : tarragon

Has a slightly bitter, peppery anise flavor that complements bland foods; it is often used with chicken and is always used in béarnaise sauce.

oregano click to hear : oregano

Wild, slightly more flavorful variety of marjoram; extensively used in Mediterranean cooking, it goes especially well with tomato dishes.

sweet bay click to hear : sweet bay

The dried leaves must be used sparingly; it is an ingredient in bouquets garnis and is used to flavor soups and stews.

dill click to hear : dill

Used primarily for its leaves and seeds, it imparts flavor to vinegar and pickles as well as to salmon and herring.