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herbs click to hear : herbs

Aromatic fresh or dried plants used separately or mixed to bring out the flavor of recipes; they often make excellent infusions.
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lemon balm borage hyssop savory lovage coriander rosemary chervil parsley

lemon balm click to hear : lemon balm

Its lemon-scented leaves are used extensively in Asian cooking; it goes well with bitter foods.

borage click to hear : borage

Delicious in yogurt, cream cheese or salad dressing; the young leaves can be used in salads.

hyssop click to hear : hyssop

The highly aromatic leaves are mostly used in salads, soups, ragouts and fruit platters, as well as in some liqueurs, such as Chartreuse and Benedictine.

savory click to hear : savory

Reminiscent of thyme, its flavor enhances legumes, meat and stuffing; it is also used to flavor vinegar and goat’s milk cheeses.

lovage click to hear : lovage

Resembles celery but with a stronger flavor; it is particularly tasty with potatoes and also goes well with ragouts, sauces and salads.

coriander click to hear : coriander

Its leaves are used like parsley and it has edible musk- and lemon-scented seeds; the roots can be substituted for garlic.

rosemary click to hear : rosemary

Its fairly pungent, aromatic flavor is very popular in southern France and in Italy, where it is used especially in sauces and marinades, and with roast meat.

chervil click to hear : chervil

Has a subtle delicate taste and is used like parsley; it is often included with tarragon, parsley and chives in a traditional blend known as fines herbes.

parsley click to hear : parsley

The smooth flat-leafed parsley is less bitter and more fragrant than curly-leafed parsley; it is used to flavor numerous recipes, such as tabbouleh.