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cereal click to hear : cereal

Plants that are often cultivated on a large scale; their grains have been a major food staple for humans and certain domestic animals for centuries.
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spelt wheat wild rice rice oats rye wheat

spelt wheat click to hear : spelt wheat

Wheat variety with small brown grains that, once hulled, can be used like rice.

wild rice click to hear : wild rice

Seeds from a North American aquatic plant; it is richer and higher in protein than rice and has a strong nutty flavor. It is sometimes mixed with other kinds of rice.

rice click to hear : rice

A universal staple, used as a side dish, in sweet and savory dishes such as risotto and paella, and for its by-products (noodles, sake).

oats click to hear : oats

Often eaten as porridge, it is also an ingredient in date squares, fruit crisp toppings, muffins, cookies and pancakes.

rye click to hear : rye

Yields a flour that can be combined with wheat flour to make bread; it is also used in brewing (beer) and distilling (whisky).

wheat click to hear : wheat

Cereal cultivated for its grain, of great significance in human food production; it is used to produce foodstuffs such as flour, bread and semolina.