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Asian noodles click to hear : Asian noodles

This pasta is a staple of Asian cooking; generally classified according to its main ingredient: wheat, rice, buckwheat or mung beans.
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won ton skins rice papers rice vermicelli egg noodles rice noodles

won ton skins click to hear : won ton skins

Delicate sheets of wheat pasta that are stuffed with meat, seafood or vegetables; an essential ingredient in won ton soup.

rice papers click to hear : rice papers

Thin semitransparent sheets made with rice flour, used in Asia to prepare spring and imperial rolls.

rice vermicelli click to hear : rice vermicelli

Fine rice noodles that are fried in oil and shaped into a nest that is filled with various kinds of Asian food.

egg noodles click to hear : egg noodles

Wheat noodles made with eggs; they are boiled in water, then fried and used to make chow mein.

rice noodles click to hear : rice noodles

Wide ribbons made with rice flour and water; they are often added to soup.