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Asian noodles click to hear : Asian noodles

This pasta is a staple of Asian cooking; generally classified according to its main ingredient: wheat, rice, buckwheat or mung beans.
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soba noodles bean thread cellophane noodles udon noodles somen noodles

soba noodles click to hear : soba noodles

Made with buckwheat flour, these noodles are used extensively in Japan, where they are mainly served cold, with soy sauce.

bean thread cellophane noodles click to hear : bean thread cellophane noodles

Transparent noodles made with mung bean flour; before adding them to a recipe, they must be soaked in hot or warm water.

udon noodles click to hear : udon noodles

These Japanese wheat noodles are thicker than somen noodles; among their various uses, they can be added to soup, salads and sautéed dishes.

somen noodles click to hear : somen noodles

Fine whitish Japanese wheat noodles that go particularly well in salads and soups.