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pasta click to hear : pasta

Made from hard wheat semolina and water, shaped into various forms and dried; it is an essential ingredient in Italian cooking that is bought ready-made.
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tortellini spinach tagliatelle gnocchi lasagna ravioli

tortellini click to hear : tortellini

Pasta stuffed with meat or cheese and sometimes colored with tomato or spinach; it is delicious with tomato or cream sauce.

spinach tagliatelle click to hear : spinach tagliatelle

Flat ribbonlike pasta made with spinach and eggs, traditionally served with meat sauce.

gnocchi click to hear : gnocchi

Often made from a potato or semolina dough with eggs and cheese; it is usually served au gratin, as an appetizer.

lasagna click to hear : lasagna

These wide strips, green if spinach-flavored, are combined with a filling in alternate layers to create the eponymous dish.

ravioli click to hear : ravioli

Pasta stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables; a classic way to serve it is with tomato sauce, sprinkled with grated Parmesan.