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pasta click to hear : pasta

Made from hard wheat semolina and water, shaped into various forms and dried; it is an essential ingredient in Italian cooking that is bought ready-made.
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rigatoni penne ditali cannelloni elbows

rigatoni click to hear : rigatoni

This fairly large tubular pasta is suitable for serving with all kinds of sauces because they cling to it readily.

penne click to hear : penne

Tube-shaped pasta with diagonally cut ends, often served with a spicy tomato sauce in a dish called penne all’arrabiata.

ditali click to hear : ditali

Short tube-shaped pasta that resemble fat macaroni, used especially in broth and vegetable soups.

cannelloni click to hear : cannelloni

This fairly large tubular pasta is usually stuffed with meat or cheese, covered with tomato sauce and baked au gratin.

elbows click to hear : elbows

Sometimes used in a salad, this type of macaroni is also served with tomato or cheese sauce.