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pasta click to hear : pasta

Made from hard wheat semolina and water, shaped into various forms and dried; it is an essential ingredient in Italian cooking that is bought ready-made.
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conchiglie spaghetti fusilli rotini spaghettini fettucine

conchiglie click to hear : conchiglie

Small shell-shaped pasta that can be served with a sauce or added to soup or pasta salads.

spaghetti click to hear : spaghetti

One of the best-known forms of pasta and the most extensively used; it is traditionally served with tomato or meat sauce.

fusilli click to hear : fusilli

This spiral-shaped pasta is thinner and longer than rotini, but can replace it in most recipes.

rotini click to hear : rotini

Because of its spiral grooves, it readily holds meat, cheese and vegetable sauces; it is also ideal for salads.

spaghettini click to hear : spaghettini

Thinner than spaghetti but thicker than angel hair pasta or vermicelli noodles; it is particularly well suited to delicate sauces.

fettucine click to hear : fettucine

Thicker but not as wide as tagliatelle, this pasta is often served with Alfredo sauce.