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bread click to hear : bread

Food made from flour, water and salt, often containing an agent (leaven or yeast) that makes it rise.
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Indian naan bread unleavened bread cracked rye bread Danish rye bread phyllo dough tortilla pita bread Indian chapati bread

Indian naan bread click to hear : Indian naan bread

The yogurt in the dough of this soft light sweetish bread helps it rise; it is eaten plain or stuffed.

unleavened bread click to hear : unleavened bread

Light and crusty unleavened bread, eaten mainly during Jewish Passover; it is easily digested and has a long shelf life.

cracked rye bread click to hear : cracked rye bread

Thin crusty flat bread made with rye flour, usually eaten with cheese.

Danish rye bread click to hear : Danish rye bread

This bread is usually sweeter and lighter than German rye bread; it often contains molasses.

phyllo dough click to hear : phyllo dough

Flexible wafer-thin dough of Greek origin, used to prepare hors d’oeuvres and pastries, such as baklava.

tortilla click to hear : tortilla

Disk of unleavened bread made with corn flour that is the basis for many Latin-American dishes; it can be eaten plain, with a filling or cooked.

pita bread click to hear : pita bread

Flat bread originally from the Middle East; its crust forms a pocket that can be filled with hot or cold kinds of stuffing.

Indian chapati bread click to hear : Indian chapati bread

Flat crusty, slightly puffy bread, eaten warm with vegetables and rice or used as a spoon to scoop up food.