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beans click to hear : beans

Fruits of plants native to Central and South America, the seeds are oval or kidney-shaped; before they are fully ripe, the pods are often edible.
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black gram Lima bean roman bean scarlet runner bean mung bean pinto bean wax bean green bean

black gram click to hear : black gram

A favorite in Asia, where it is used to make a popular black sauce; in India, it is mixed with rice to make pancakes and a spicy purée.

Lima bean click to hear : Lima bean

Has a mild flavor and a starchy texture and is generally green- or cream-colored; when puréed, it can replace the potato.

roman bean click to hear : roman bean

A staple of Italian cooking, it resembles the pinto bean, although often larger and darker; it absorbs the flavor of the foods it is cooked with.

scarlet runner bean click to hear : scarlet runner bean

The seeds are eaten fresh or dried, in which case they are prepared like the red kidney bean; a favorite accompaniment to onions, tomatoes and tuna.

mung bean click to hear : mung bean

In Asia they are either puréed or ground into flour; in the West they are more commonly eaten sprouted, especially in chop suey.

pinto bean click to hear : pinto bean

When cooked, their spots disappear and they turn pink; because of their creamy texture, they are mostly used to make purées.

wax bean click to hear : wax bean

Somewhat juicier than the green bean, it is sometimes eaten raw but mostly cooked, as a vegetable side dish.

green bean click to hear : green bean

The young green pod is usually served as a vegetable side dish, sometimes with sauce or butter.