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rice click to hear : rice

Rice is commercially classified by the shape of the grain and the processing it has undergone before being packaged.
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basmati rice brown rice parboiled rice white rice

basmati rice click to hear : basmati rice

Variety of fine-grained rice native to India, it is known and prized for its aroma and light texture.

brown rice click to hear : brown rice

Because it is not hulled, the grains retain the bran and germ; it is highly nutritious and has a stronger flavor than white rice.

parboiled rice click to hear : parboiled rice

More nutritious than white rice, it has undergone a steam pressure process prior to milling, to preserve the grains’ vitamin and mineral content.

white rice click to hear : white rice

Milled rice from which the bran and germ have been removed; it is often enriched to compensate for the loss of nutrients.