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condiments click to hear : condiments

Natural or artificial substances used in cooking to bring out the flavor in a dish or to complement it.
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powdered mustard hoisin sauce Dijon mustard wholegrain mustard English mustard American mustard German mustard soy sauce

powdered mustard click to hear : powdered mustard

Can be incorporated into shortening, used as a seasoning or mixed with water to make a paste that resembles prepared mustard.

hoisin sauce click to hear : hoisin sauce

Thick spicy sauce made from soybeans and dried chiles; it enhances braised foods, is served with Peking duck and is used as a marinade.

Dijon mustard click to hear : Dijon mustard

This strong mustard comes from Dijon, France; it is served with meat and is used in making sauces, salad dressings and various kinds of mayonnaise.

wholegrain mustard click to hear : wholegrain mustard

Native to Meaux, France, this mild spicy mustard is made from partly crushed seeds, giving it a grainy texture.

English mustard click to hear : English mustard

Very strong mustard, sold either prepared or powdered, traditionally served with roast beef and ham.

American mustard click to hear : American mustard

Very mild, the traditional North American accompaniment to hot dogs and hamburgers; its bright yellow color comes from turmeric.

German mustard click to hear : German mustard

Medium strong and slightly sweet mustard that goes well with sausages and deli meats.

soy sauce click to hear : soy sauce

A key condiment in Asian cooking, this extremely salty sauce is made from soybeans and is used as a flavoring ingredient, dip or marinade.