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stone fruits click to hear : stone fruits

Fruits whose somewhat juicy flesh surrounds a hard, usually inedible stone.
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nectarine apricot cherry plum date peach

nectarine click to hear : nectarine

Differentiated from the peach by its smooth, more colorful skin and by its more flavorful flesh; like the peach, it is eaten raw or used in certain desserts.

apricot click to hear : apricot

Often eaten dried or candied, its orange flesh can be mushy if picked before fully ripe; the kernel inside the stone contains a toxic substance.

cherry click to hear : cherry

An essential ingredient in Black Forest cake and, candied, in fruitcake; when artificially colored and flavored, it is used as a cocktail garnish.

plum click to hear : plum

Of various colors and sizes, it is excellent either raw or cooked and is used especially to make chutney; the dried plum is called a prune.

date click to hear : date

Has a high sugar content and is often sold dried; in North America, it is primarily associated with baked goods, such as squares, muffins and cakes.

peach click to hear : peach

A velvety skin covers its juicy fragrant flesh; it is especially enjoyed plain, in juice and in various desserts, such as the classic peach melba.