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dry fruits click to hear : dry fruits

Often called nuts, these fruits usually have a hard dry covering called the shell that encloses an edible kernel.
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macadamia nut cola nut ginkgo nut cashew pine nut pecan nut pistachio nut

macadamia nut click to hear : macadamia nut

A popular candy ingredient, it is often sold coated in chocolate or honey; it is also a popular ingredient in mixed vegetables, curries, salads and desserts.

cola nut click to hear : cola nut

Used in drink preparations such as Coca-ColaTM; it contains stimulants that are slightly less potent than those in coffee.

ginkgo nut click to hear : ginkgo nut

Extensively used in Japanese cooking but little known in the West, this nut is either eaten as is or is used in Asian dishes.

cashew click to hear : cashew

This fruit of the cashew tree is always sold shelled; its shell is covered by a juicy fleshy edible layer known as the cashew apple.

pine nut click to hear : pine nut

Edible seed inside the cone of certain species of pine that is often used in cooking and baking.

pecan nut click to hear : pecan nut

Native to North America, it is used to make certain savory dishes and numerous desserts, such as the traditional pecan pie.

pistachio nut click to hear : pistachio nut

Its greenish kernel is covered with a brown skin; it is extensively used in Mediterranean and Asian cooking, as well as in pastry and candy making.