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conifer click to hear : conifer

Tree that usually retains its needle- or scalelike leaves all winter long; it bears cones, hence its name, and produces a sticky sap known as resin.
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branch male cone female cone pine seed cone

branch click to hear : branch

Offshoot of a tree branch along which cones develop.

male cone click to hear : male cone

The male cone is usually smaller than the female cone; it produces pollen grains that subsequently disperse into the air.

female cone click to hear : female cone

Each female cone, growing erect on a branch, contains ovules that are fertilized by pollen grains; the ovules subsequently turn into seeds.

pine seed click to hear : pine seed

Edible seed inside the cone of certain species of pine that is often used in cooking and baking.

cone click to hear : cone

Fruit borne by conifers, consisting of scales arranged in a conical shape; when the cone is ripe, seeds develop under it.