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examples of broadleaved trees click to hear : examples of broadleaved trees

Broadleaved trees have mainly large flat leaves; in temperate zones, these usually fall as winter approaches.
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palm tree poplar beech walnut maple

palm tree click to hear : palm tree

Tree native to tropical regions; among its various species are date- and coconut-bearing kinds.

poplar click to hear : poplar

Tall slender fast-growing tree; its soft wood is used especially in woodworking and to make pulp for papermaking.

beech click to hear : beech

Smooth-barked tree, prized for its ornamental value and its wood; it is used especially in woodworking and for heating.

walnut click to hear : walnut

Large tree that produces an edible fruit, the walnut; its hard compact wood is prized especially by carpenters for its use in making furniture.

maple click to hear : maple

Tree producing the samara, a small dry winged fruit; its wood is prized by cabinetmakers. The sugar maple tree’s sap can be made into a syrup.