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corn click to hear : corn

Native American cereal cultivated for its grains and used for human and animal food; it is also used to produce a sweet syrup and a cooking oil.
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corn: cob kernel husk cob silk

corn: cob click to hear : corn: cob

kernel click to hear : kernel

Each of the small dry fruits whose single seed is fused to its casing; a cob of corn holds several hundred kernels.

husk click to hear : husk

Cob casing that protects the kernels and keeps them moist.

cob click to hear : cob

The cob is composed of a wide main axis with rows of tightly packed kernels; each cob grows in the axil of a leaf along the stem.

silk click to hear : silk

Tuft of long filaments emerging from the end of the spike casing; the filaments were once attached to ovaries that have now become kernels.