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cooking utensils click to hear : cooking utensils

Utensils used for cooking food, especially in the oven or on the stove.
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pressure cooker safety valve pressure regulator steamer steamer basket couscous kettle

pressure cooker click to hear : pressure cooker

Stock pot with a screw-on, airtight lid designed to cook food rapidly using pressurized steam.

safety valve click to hear : safety valve

Device that regulates escaping steam when the stock pot is under pressure.

pressure regulator click to hear : pressure regulator

Device maintaining the pressure at a constant level.

steamer click to hear : steamer

Utensil comprising two saucepans; the steam from the boiling water in the bottom one cooks the food in the top one.

steamer basket click to hear : steamer basket

Perforated receptacle that is placed in a saucepan above the water level and filled with food to be steam-cooked.

couscous kettle click to hear : couscous kettle

Double container in which steam from the broth in which the food in the bottom part is simmering cooks and flavors the semolina in the top part.